About Us

Hyperion is an integrated solution provider supplying advanced systems integration solutions, network infrastructure design and installation, and software engineering services to a worldwide customer base. Hyperion was established in 1991 and is headquartered in McLean, VA. Hyperion also has an Integration/Logistics facility in Chantilly, VA and a field office in Cherry Hill, NJ. Additionally, we have a European-Union (EU) division to provide EU-based personnel services. Hyperion offers a wide range of technical services in support of the management, design, installation, integration, testing and operations of IT equipment, plant, software and systems. We have extensive experience in managing the fielding of solutions worldwide.

Hyperion has an established international logistics network. We maintain our European Union partnership to extend our daily operating capabilities in Europe and SW Asia. Our EU partner allows us to be fully compliant with all EU and host nation laws regarding conducting business within the EU. We have a worldwide logistics capability that permits us to acquire, inspect, package, ship and deliver products to our clients in commercial and garrison facilities and to War Zones anywhere in the world. We have scores of suppliers and manufacturers around the world that provide us with a capability to identify and acquire material that will meet US technical and safety standards or the standards of the host nations where our clients are located. We have an integration facility that allows us to coordinate the receipt of multi-vendor components and to “rack and stack”, inspect, integrate and certify interoperability prior to shipment to clients. We have a security and personnel administrative system that provides us with the ability to deploy technical teams, fully credentialed and outfitted, around the world within hours of notification to proceed.

There is no company better capable of supporting Government and industry clients in managing and executing the deployment of the solutions worldwide than Hyperion. As a small business no one can better provide clients with the experience, flexibility and rapid response capabilities that are so critical to successfully carrying out IT projects. Hyperion has the people, partners, suppliers, project management and logistics in place to carry out projects around the world – we can have Hyperion personnel on-site to manage any effort, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.