Founded 1991, Privately Held
Headquartered McLean, Virginia
Field Offices Chantilly, VA and Cherry Hill, NJ
European Union Based Partner Pythia – Athens, Greece;  Bucharest, Romania
Revenue < $25.0M per Annum
ISO 9001 Certification February 2010

Project Timeline

Throughout our corporate history Hyperion has been called on numerous times to provide delivery and installation of critical systems to clients around the world. Of all of Hyperion’s experience, the projects presented below showcase the extent of our abilities.

Year Project
2012 Hyperion installs state-of-the art human resource/personnel system to support world-wide deployed work force.
2010 Hyperion gains ISO 9001 Quality Management certification.
2009 Hyperion begins manufacturing pre-cast concrete structures in Afghanistan.
2006 Hyperion opens warehouse/integration facility in Chantilly, VA to support world-wide deployment of material, equipment and tooling.
2006 Hyperion provides support to IBM in the roll-out and installation of CARTS, the state-of-the-art Point of Sale (POS) System for the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) to over 280 stores world-wide.
2005 Hyperion designs and delivers two pre-cast concrete ADNs to Victory Base in Baghdad, Iraq.
2004 Hyperion first begins to provide support to US/NATO Coalition forces in Afghanistan.
2003 Hyperion supports first implementation of I3MP in Europe at Kaiserslautern, Germany.
2000 Hyperion opens Cherry Hill, NJ facility

Hyperion installs first European Theater dark fiber tie cable for the US Army 5th Signal Command outside of Germany at Mons, Belgium providing connectivity between the SACEUR quarters and the bunker at SHAPE.

Hyperion installs and activates the first Gigabit Ethernet fiber backbone for the US Army at CMTC Hohenfels, Germany.

1999 Hyperion installs the first fiber-optic cables to the live fire ranges at Grafenwoehr, Germany.
1998 Hyperion installs the first inter-community dark fiber tie cable for the US Army 5th Signal Command connecting the Dial Central Offices at Grafenwoehr and Vilsek, Germany.
1996 Hyperion supports USAFE in the rollout of Microsoft Exchange as the E-Mail standard for the theater.
1995 Hyperion installs first OSP Single-Mode fiber cable for the US Army in European Theater at Hammonds Barracks in Mannheim, Germany.
1994 Hyperion begins to operate outside the continental United States.
1991 Hyperion founded in Northern Virginia by Paul Milo and George Tyson.