The members of our management team have extensive industry and public sector experience. They have more than 250 years of combined career experience supervising, managing and developing solutions throughout the continental US, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Collectively, our management team has served in executive roles, military officers, on-site managers, analysts and consultants for the U.S. Government, foreign governments, private sector companies and non-profit organizations. Over the last 20 years, our leadership has successfully obtained and managed millions of dollars worth of projects, often times designing and implementing the latest cutting-edge technology solutions to meet our clients needs.

Paul Milo, Jr.

Mr. Milo, President of Hyperion, Inc. along with Mr. George J. Tyson, co-founded Hyperion in 1991.  Mr. Milo and Mr. Tyson have over 75 years of combined professional experience in the fields of IT Systems Integration, Industrial Engineering, Economic Analysis, Systems Analysis, and Operations Research.

In the late 1970’s, Mr. Milo joined a Northern Virginia consulting firm as a Systems Analyst supporting the US Navy.  As an outgrowth of this work, Mr. Milo became involved in providing support to DoD with the adoption of automation including the integration of micro-computers (PCs), local area networking and the establishment of voice/video and data networks. 

Hyperion’s founding in 1991 coincided with the beginnings of the Internet era and the expansion and proliferation of LANs, WANs and the World-Wide Web. Under the guidance of its founders, Hyperion quickly grew into a provider of communications network infrastructure while providing support to the DoD world-wide. As president of the company, Mr. Milo played an important role in Hyperion’s growth and development.  He has been responsible for guidance that allowed Hyperion to evolve into a multi-dimensional company that is providing engineering and technical services, designing, acquiring, integrating, delivering, installing, operating and maintaining automated systems for Government and industry. In large part because of his efforts, Hyperion has developed the capability to deploy technical teams to consult, survey, install, maintain and/or operate automated information systems throughout the Continental US and Hawaii; and in Korea, Japan, Great Britain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Crete, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Mr. Milo holds a BS in Economics and an MA in Economics from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.  When he is not at the helm of Hyperion, he is at the helm of his sailboat where he is often competing in buoy and off-shore racing.

George Tyson

George Tyson is a native of Massachusetts who holds a BA in Economics from Boston College and an MBA from Harvard University.  He served on active duty in the U.S. Navy for 14 years in a variety of afloat, ashore, and overseas logistics management assignments and for 11 years in the Naval Reserve during which time he commanded two naval reserve units and retired with the rank of Captain. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval War College and taught Systems Analysis while on the faculty of the war college. Upon leaving the active duty navy, he joined American Management Systems, a leading systems development firm, and was rapidly promoted to Vice President and to a division general manager position leading teams of Information Technology (IT) professionals in developing and deploying innovative IT applications. 

Mr. Tyson also has been active in his community. When elected to the board of directors of the Alexandria Country Day School and appointed chairman of its finance committee, he learned that the school was technically insolvent but within two years, he converted a $100,000 annual deficit to a $100,000 surplus. That positioned the school to offer a $2,000,000 bond issue to be used for purchase of a permanent school building and campus, which Mr. Tyson, by then Chairman of the Board of Directors, personally managed working with a Richmond-based investment banker. Currently, Mr. Tyson is very active in Rotary, the world’s oldest and largest volunteer service organization, having served as president of his Rotary club, and currently, as manager of Rotary member training activities supporting over 5,000 members in four mid-Atlantic states.

David Ruesch

David Ruesch, General Manager of the Special Products Division, has over 30 years of technical program management experience. Mr. Ruesch holds a BS degree in Physics and has been a member of Hyperion’s staff for over 16 years. Prior to joining Hyperion, Mr. Ruesch provided systems acquisition management, including life cycle support management, for programs as diverse as US Navy submarine sonar systems and underwater remotely operated vehicle and sensor delivery systems, as well as business development in precision fabrications and assemblies for the space program and gas turbine engine industries. For Hyperion, as the principal architect for major European projects for the US Army and Air Force, he led numerous marketing and project efforts to engineer and install network communications infrastructure. He has developed project management and deployment strategies for winning programs as diverse as the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) infrastructure upgrade delivering the Point-of-Sale replacement for all 280+ commissaries worldwide, the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) desktop support services in over 80 locations throughout Europe, and the deployment of Quality Assurance engineers to provide independent quality oversight at over 15 sites in the US and abroad for US Army outside plant (OSP) communications infrastructure installations.

Mr. Ruesch’s broad management background in technology programs provides a strong foundation for his current responsibilities in assessing and evaluating new and emerging technologies for Hyperion. Among several opportunities, his division is responsible for the marketing and sales of the Unisys STEALTH data encryption solution and GPON/EPON technology.

Richard Lee

Richard Lee, General Manager of the Enterprise Systems Division, holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering backed by over 30 years of business leadership experience.  Mr. Lee provides his expertise, vision and guidance for the Unified Communications, IT Infrastructure and Construction groups of Hyperion.  Mr. Lee is responsible for the senior level design, engineering, management and implementation of all Hyperion telecommunications and data infrastructure projects.  These multi-million dollar projects are executed throughout the US, Europe and Southwest Asia.  During his career, Mr. Lee has developed a wide range of expertise in many diverse fields including Communications, Aerospace, Commercial Fleet and Utility Industry Verticals.  Prior to joining Hyperion in 2005, Mr. Lee served in various roles including Division President of a Utility Products company and Vice-President in roles of  Engineering, Marketing, Production, Materials and Sales. Mr. Lee has successfully completed projects ranging from Fiber Communications Network installations in war zones, to Rocket Nozzle Assemblies, to Submarine Acoustics, to Precast Concrete Communications Building design, to Gas/Electric Hybrid vehicle projects.  This diversity of program experience provides for a broad base of design and deployment expertise which is invaluable to the implementation of Hyperion’s IT projects and their layered technologies.

Richard Gregory

Richard Gregory, General Manager of the Wireless Division, holds a BS in Business and an MS in Healthcare Administration backed by 35 years as a Senior Executive of several companies including the Nation’s two largest Healthcare Systems.  Mr. Gregory’s experience in mission critical operations include: Wi-Fi WiMAX, LTE, Advanced In-Building and Outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), RFID, and Security. Mr. Gregory has been involved in the development and oversight of over twenty-eight (28) Multi carrier (neutral host) DAS designs ranging from 250,000 to 3.5 million sf. (772 antennas) in the past 4 years.  Most recently he was responsible for the successful design and funding initiative for the nation’s largest Voluntary Hospital system’s Multi-Carrier 550 antenna DAS solution.

William (Bill) Schlichter

In his current position as General Manager for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Division of Hyperion, Inc. Bill Schlichter is responsible for the Business Development and Program Management Activities in this area of responsibility. Prior to joining Hyperion, Inc. Mr Schlichter had been responsible for DOD Programs, FMF Programs and NATO Programs in Europe and Southwest Asia for over twenty five (25) years for Unisys Federal Systems.     

Tom Bryan

Mr. Bryan has a Master’s Degree and over 40 years of information technology (IT) management experience in both the private and public sector. Since joining Hyperion in 2000, Mr. Bryan has had extensive experience in contract and subcontract management and negotiation as well as financial management of projects. Prior to joining Hyperion, Mr. Bryan was the senior civilian for a U.S. Navy command where he was Chief Information Officer and Comptroller. As such, he was responsible for the financial management of the entire command and the management of the IT systems supporting the Navy’s foreign military sales program. In this position, he routinely interacted with flag level officers and senior headquarters personnel. Mr. Bryan’s years of experience within IT and in the areas of Contract and Subcontract Management; Contract Administration; Bid and Proposal Development; Financial Management; Project Management; Personnel Management; and Information Systems Development as well as his experience in government procurement from both the government and contractor perspective, make him a uniquely qualified individual.

Arleen Goodman

Arleen Goodman, Director of Administration, is responsible for the efficient and accurate process of all Hyperion’s business systems. As a manager of administrative processes for an international technology company, she is organized and detail oriented with strong communication skills. Ms. Goodman is experienced in the selection, screening and hiring of eligible candidates for a multitude of projects worldwide. As the Facilities Security Officer, Ms. Goodman has processed eligible candidates for security clearances.  In addition, she has managed employment, deployment, security functions for a wide range of projects including job sites in warzones. She also oversees other business systems including payroll, accounts payable/receivable and invoicing. Prior to Hyperion, Ms. Goodman was a Quality Assurance Analyst for the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency and System Analyst for Boston Gas Company.