Safety Commitment

Hyperion is committed to providing our employees a safe and healthy work environment in our facilities and on our project sites around the world.  From almost 2 decades of conducting IT projects in construction like environments Hyperion understands the safety and health risks associated with telecommunications related projects, including in and around confined spaces, civil works related operations, or potentially environmentally hazardous facilities.  We are particularly aware of, and sensitive to, the fact that often communications closets, vaults and manholes are collocated or jointly shared with high-voltage power transmission lines and related equipment.  We have developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) concerning the precautions and safety related procedures that must be followed when conducting telecommunications related installation and maintenance tasks in confined spaces.

Hyperion recognizes that typically local and agency regulations and instructions are derived from the standards promulgated by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).  Through SOPs, training, providing our employees with the proper equipment and conducting rigorous inspections of our on-site crew performance, Hyperion has enjoyed a remarkable safety record despite projects in physically demanding locations, war zones and hazardous facilities.