Benefits Summary

Benefit Description
Medical Hyperion offers a choice of 3 plans for medical coverage.  The company contribution is approximately 2/3 of the actual premium.

Hyperion covers the entire premium for its employees and their families for their dental care.

Life & ADD Insurance

Hyperion covers the entire premium for its employees for their Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance.

Disability & Workman’s Compensation Insurance

Hyperion provides disability and workman’s compensation insurance.

Long Term Care

Hyperion covers the entire premium for its employee’s basic coverage for their long term care.  Employees have the option to “add on” to their coverage at their expense.

Retirement Plan

Hyperion has established a retirement program known as a 401(k) Safe Harbor Plan.

Hyperion offers a 401K plan to employees after a year of service.  The company matches $1.00 up to 3% and $0.50 for an additional 2%.

Depending on the economics of the business environment, Hyperion will make contributions to a Profit Sharing plan for eligible employees. These contributions will be subject to a vesting schedule which is described in the plan.


Hyperion provides thirteen (13) days of personal leave per year during the first five years of employment. After five years employment, the company provides fifteen (15) days per year. Personal leave is intended to be used for annual vacations, illnesses, or family emergencies.

Hyperion provides ten paid holidays per year.

Hyperion has a compensatory leave policy that is intended to afford employees time off after periods of intense activity without using personal leave.


At the discretion of the Compensation Committee, bonuses are awarded to deserving employees.

Tuition Reimbursement

The company encourages all employees to complete education and training that adds value to their specific job or employment in general. Tuition reimbursement is offered for pre-approved education and training.