Communications Infrastructure

Communication infrastructure is the backbone of the communications system upon which telecommunication services are delivered. The infrastructure is typically built using copper and/or fiber optic cable. Hyperion provides infrastructure to connect voice, data and audiovisual services to end-users. Communications infrastructure is typically divided into two categories:  Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP). 


Inside Plant (ISP)

Inside Plant (ISP) is defined as intra-building distribution of cable media such as both fiber and copper station cable, station jack hardware, Building Distribution Frames (BDF), Intra building Distribution Frame (IDF) terminals, sleeves, conduit, raceways, distribution frame hardware, etc.

Outside Plant (OSP)

Outside Plant (OSP) is the cabling infrastructure required to connect and transport information between buildings or other structures. OSP cabling involves underground, direct-buried and aerial distribution systems along with the pathways and spaces required for multi-building cabling distribution.