Communications Center UPS Battery Replacement Project

Past Performance

Vertical Market:    Military
Technology: Communications Infrastructure
Contract Type: FFP
Contract Vehicle: Strategic Sources Servicing (S3)
Prime Contractor: Booz Allen Hamilton
Period of Performance: 01/2012 – 03/2012
Contract Location:   Hohenfels and Grafenwoehr, Germany

Hyperion deployed a team of US and local national personnel to provide for the removal of existing Absolyte IIP 24 cell battery stacks and the subsequent installation, testing, and cutover of new Absolyte GP Battery Banks (part number 3-100G27) consisting of eight 3-cell, metal encased batteries for a total of 24 cells per stack in the GIG at Heidelberg Germany and the TCF at Grafenwoehr, Germany. The battery stacks consisted of all hardware to interconnect the batteries and terminals to connect existing and new cables coming from the rectifier. Each stack will have all covers for safety and labels to indentify each battery and when the bank was installed. Cable ladder and power cables will be required to be installed between the rectifier and second battery stack. This work was completed for PM DCATS Europe.