Enterprise Systems

The Enterprise System Division is responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of enterprise wide systems supporting our worldwide base of end-users. This Division is comprised of three distinct groups: Unified Communications, Communications Infrastructure and Construction.

Unified Communications

Hyperion’s Unified Communications group includes Network Engineers who are trained and certified in the latest industry technologies covering Unified Communications, VoIP, Wireless and E-911 solutions. Our commitment to maintaining the latest certifications for our Network Engineers means that you, our customer, benefits from this investment in receiving the most secure, scalable, future proof and feature rich network solution for your communications network needs.

Avaya Based Communications

As a strategic business partner to Avaya, Hyperion provides Avaya AS5300 Release 3 Certified Network Engineers to support network migration to the best in class Unified Communications platform on the market. Hyperion Network Engineers are Avaya Certified to design and deliver the Avaya Aura® Application Server 5300 Release 3 solution.  The AS5300 Rel. 3 is an enterprise solution for pure standards-based Secure Internet Protocol (SIP) environments within the US federal government. The system is Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) approved and UCR 2008, change 3 compliant solution which provides standards based: Voice, point to point video, Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing and Soft-Client technology. The System provides for IPv6 and assured services and delivers secure unified communications with media and signaling encryption for all communications. It is a highly scalable, carrier grade, software-based solution that operates on commercial off-the-shelf hardware to provide a complete unified communications solution including telephony, instant messaging, presence, multimedia conferencing, and unified messaging.

CISCO Based Communications

Hyperion integrates CISCO based communication technologies with our Network Engineers who are CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certified in Routing and Switching, Security, Voice and Wireless applications. Our ability to design, install, integrate and test the entire family of CISCO based communications network equipment allows us to utilize CISCO based solutions scaled to your current and future needs while providing equipment with all JITC approvals meeting the latest government requirements. Our worldwide application of CISCO network solutions have included SIPR, NIPR and Centrex wired and wireless networks from the Pac Rim, to Europe and to Southwest Asia including Afghanistan and Iraq.

E-911 Technologies

Hyperion is partnered with some of the leading E-911 network solution providers in the industry. Our relationships with Amcom and Microautomation allow us to design JITC approved E-911 solutions for a host of network platforms. By leveraging the equipment solutions from each of these partners to fit the specific host equipment, Hyperion is able to comply with all E-911 requirements and JITC requirements of DoD and commercial customers while delivering a tailored solution. Our Network Engineers provide for the design and installation of a complete system including PSAP design and installation, CAMA Gateways, ALI Database, Recording and Server Equipment installation and configuration.


Hyperion’s Network Engineers leverage the latest technologies to deliver Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions.  Our IP-based communications designers are committed to delivering VoIP network solutions to meet the DoD objective of “everything over IP” and replacing TDM technology. Hyperion has made the strategic partnerships with industry and invested in the training of our people to provide the industry best VoIP solutions. 

Communications Infrastructure

Hyperion’s Communications Infrastructure group includes Program and Project Managers, Engineers and BISCI Certified Technicians and Installers. They provide design, engineering, installation, and maintenance services for data, voice and video networks. Hyperion provides these services for both classified and unclassified networks world-wide including war zones. We work closely with our customers to ensure that all project timelines and budgets are met. Communication infrastructure is the backbone of the communications system upon which telecommunication services are delivered. Hyperion provides infrastructure to connect voice, data and audiovisual services to end-users. Communications infrastructure is typically divided into two categories:  Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP). 

Inside Plant (ISP)

Hyperion provides turnkey inside-cable-plant installation using our team of industry certified technicians and installers.  We install, terminate and test copper and fiber cabling including all necessary support systems such as ladder rack systems, cable trays, grounding systems, lightning protection, surge protection, and patch panels.  Hyperion’s installation teams install and ground communication equipment racks to mount analog and digital copper patch panels, routers, modems and switches. Additionally, Hyperion understands the requirements for, and has expertise in, installing secure, sensitive network cabling including the physical separation of services (SIPRNET, NIPRNET). 

Outside Plant (OSP)

Hyperion provides turnkey outside-cable-plant installation for both secure and non-secure connectivity.  Hyperion installs all required man holes, hand holes, and conduits systems and supply all necessary trenching and digging for their installation. Our skilled personnel ensure that all planned cable routes are clear from any existing services such as high-voltage power lines, water lines, fuel lines, existing telecommunication media, etc to avoid unnecessary damage or interruption of existing services. We also install copper and fiber cabling required for the OSP.  All cables are properly terminated, spliced, bonded, grounded, tested, labeled, and documented during the installation process.


Our team of skilled constructors can provide designs and installation of structures and supporting infrastructure including power systems, security systems, lighting and telecommunications for complete turnkey communications facilities including SCIFs, ADNs, TCFs and Data Centers.  The Hyperion Construction group is equipped and ready to deploy to any theater of the globe.  Whether you need a Tech Control Facility or Area Distribution Node Hyperion can deliver a fully outfitted, powered, environmentally controlled secure facility for your telecommunications project.

Our team of engineers and constructors can provide Pre-cast Concrete structures for communications project including concrete above ground and below grade structures including manholes, handholes and communications buildings. All our precast designs meet stringent structural review by Professional Engineers and all meet applicable US standards including the American Association of Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and International Building Federation (IBF).

Management Oversight

  • Project Management Best Practices
  • Foreign National Recruiting, Vetting and Management
  • International Logistics network
  • Quality Management for repeatable, efficient, effective processes 


  • Timely performance while maintaining excellent customer service and quality control
  • Outstanding resource management, ensuring maximum cost efficiency
  • Unparalleled performance allowing our customers operational and strategic objectives to be met with minimal downtime