Special Projects

The Special Projects Division (SPD) was established to identify those communications network products and techniques that we can integrate into solutions for our customers’ needs – solutions that bring greater efficiency for lower cost – and engineer and deliver those solutions either directly to our customers or in support of SPD’s sister divisions. SPD evaluates new and emerging technologies and incorporate them individually, or in combination with each other, into our solutions. We also look at bringing both established and emerging technologies together in new ways to create new capabilities to bring to market.

For example, for our DoD customers, SPD developed an architecture to significantly reduce the cost of new Inside Plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (OSP) infrastrucure in a campus environment. By combining 1) low cost, space saving GPON technology with 2) a low cost alarmed Protected Distribution System (PDS) that does not require a hardened carrier system with 3) an NSA-tested encryption technology that allows air-gapped networks to be collapsed to a single fiber, SPD has created a scalable, adjustable method of delivering network infrastructure at a time when our customers need lower cost and more efficient solutions.

Core Capabilities

  • Developing turnkey solutions by integrating emerging and existing technologies in new ways to bring cost savings and efficiencies to our customers
  • Stealth Solution data encryption for data in motion
  • GPON/EPON optical networking with WDM
  • Interceptor alarmed protected distribution system