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Improving Communication

Are connectivity issues slowing your team down? With Hyperion on your side, cellular and wireless pain points are a thing of the past. Whether static or on the go, we have the solutions to make sure you’re always connected.


Are you concerned about who’s coming and going from your facility when you’re not around? Our security solutions allow you to keep an eye in the sky on your operations from anywhere in the world.


Are you tired of renting your energy from the power company? Let us walk you through our catalog of energy-saving options that can take you anywhere from peak-usage shaving to full grid independence.

Government Contracting

Need a ride? Hyperion Primes on several U.S. Federal contract vehicles such as GSA, ITES-3S, RS3, NASA SEWP-V, and SeaPort-NxG.

A small business with a worldwide footprint.

Over the last 30 years, we have designed, developed, implemented, and maintained a variety of energy, security, and communications solutions for a wide array of clientele. Here are just a few of our most notable achievements to date.
Safe Harbor Marinas (SHM) Lauderdale Marine Center (LMC) PV Design/Install – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The project involved the design, installation, and commissioning of a new PV system and interconnect agreement with the local utility (FP&L) to provide a 2.8 MW DC nameplate system. The Safe Harbor LMC solar project, which is one of the largest commercial solar projects in the state of Florida, generates approximately 3.8 GWh annually serving a portion of the LMC’s electrical demand, including boat repair and maintenance shops on the site. Hyperion provided an on-site Operations Manager to oversee the multi-month installation of around 6,000 AXITEC 450W (AC-450MH/144V) solar modules across 5 buildings. The system installation was designed around the S5 trapezoid and standing seam panel connection hardware and utilized 52 SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 33-US and 4 SolarEdge SE50K inverters.

Hyperion designed and installed a 30 kW DC rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System tied to the local utility grid, American Electric Power of TX. Hyperion’s design utilized equipment that followed design considerations for meeting wind, seismic, and snow conditions for the project site.  The system installation was designed around the S5 Standing Seam Module Connection hardware. The system included 68 Axitec 385W solar modules (AC-385MH-144S) and 3 Fronius 15kW string inverters (SYMO 15.0-3 480), generating over 46 MWh of electricity annually.

The DeCA CARTS project, a worldwide roll out of a new IBM Point of Sale (POS) system, included over 280 US military commissaries. Hyperion was awarded a 10-year master contract to support deployment. Hyperion’s duties included the “Hot Swap” of legacy systems back-office support controllers, routers, and switches in addition to front-end switches, check stands, and POS terminals. Locations included bases in Korea, Japan, Europe, Riyadh, Turkey, and the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Hyperion worked relentlessly to ensure that no store was closed outside of regular hours. As IBM’s sole partner, Hyperion surveyed, prepared sites, and completed infrastructure upgrades including the installation of over a quarter-million feet of CAT6 cable, thousands of new conditioned electrical circuits, hundred of switches and UPS’, and supported the installation and configuration of thousands of POS equipment. Three specific roles Hyperion managed included Engineering Services, Logistics Services, and Acquisition and Strategic Planning Services.

Working in 280 locations across the globe created unique challenges and risks. However, Hyperion ensured successful support at all locations with minimal advance notice due to the employment of a dynamic risk management plan. The foresight and planning of Hyperion’s risk management allowed for necessary evolution throughout the contract period.

We’re with you all the way from start to finish, and beyond.

Engineering Design

Hyperion’s technical and program personnel work directly with you to design, tailor, and proof the right solution for your needs.

Logistics & Implementation

Once a solution is finalized, our project teams deliver and install to any part of the world, anytime.


Following project completion, our administrative staff coordinate regular satisfaction checks and coordinate maintenance to ensure customer satisfaction in the long run.

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