Connected Campus

2021 – Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado – Design a solution to enhance AT&T and Verizon cellular signal on the first floor, with a subsequent request to enhance signal coverage on the second and third floors.


Like many schools and universities, the Colorado School of Mines was experiencing connectivity issues because of poor in-building Wi-Fi and cellular coverage. Securing permission from wireless carriers to retransmit their signals through buildings can be tedious and difficult. And, with 4G and 5G, the frequency settings make it challenging to penetrate buildings’ walls (particularly newer LEED-certified ones). Hyperion was tasked with coming up with the highest-performing, easiest-to-implement solution. 


Hyperion worked with the school’s telecommunications manager to create a robust solution using Nextivity’s award-winning, cell-signal boosters where carriers wouldn’t be required to approve transmittal. To ensure maximum connectivity, Hyperion first surveyed the site, reading signals to create a heatmap that identified optimal places for nodes, cable paths and more. 

With design and installation completed, Hyperion now handles regular maintenance and monitoring. To ensure Colorado School of Mines maintains quality coverage, Hyperion remotely monitors connectivity through its web portal to quickly react and resolve issues (often before anyone realizes there has been an issue). 


As an official Nextivity partner, Hyperion was able to design and install a cohesive, high-performing system for the university that dramatically improved connectivity, simplified installation and cut down on costs. Instead of having to install cumbersome parts (like bulky distribution antennas) and secure approval from cellular providers for transmittal, Hyperion was instead able to implement a new system more easily, speedily and with minimal disruption to the school.