Safe Parks

Keeping City Parks Safe with a Security Program

Keywords: “neighborhood security cameras” 

Challenge: The city of Westminster, STATE, didn’t have a system in place for monitoring minor crimes in its city parks and sports fields. With a few occasions of vandalism to government buildings, the Westminster Police Department wanted a reliable solution for constantly monitoring key public spaces with neighborhood security cameras. However, the public spaces and parks didn’t have Wi-Fi connection, so installing a new system was going to be a challenge. 

Solution: The Hyperion team surveyed the parks, first designing a custom system to provide internet connectivity. Because all installations were outdoors, Hyperion also installed waterproof boxes for the wireless routers. Hyperion then designed the police department’s new security system using Verkada cameras. With globally applauded Verkada, customers can be notified by text and email if anyone is in front of a camera, and each camera retains 30 days of footage (with feeds that can be instantly stored on the cloud for archiving). 

Results: Hyperion is one of Verkada’s few trusted partners, and designed a highly efficient security program using the camera systems’ products. Just two hours after install, the Hyperion-designed system captured kids spray painting bathroom doors – and dispatch was able to react quickly. Now, the police department has peace of mind and can quickly stop crimes as they are committed thanks to full-time monitoring.