Smart Solar

 A Smart Solar Energy System at Fort Lauderdale’s Marine Center 

Keywords: “Commercial solar panel installation,” “solar panels for businesses”

Challenge: As one of the largest marine centers in the U.S., Safe Harbor Lauderdale Marine Center (Safe Harbor) had an enormous electricity bill. In the interest of lowering costs significantly, the company’s leadership decided to explore switching to solar energy. 

Solution: Hyperion presented Safe Harbor with a financial analysis of the expected ROI, and then created the design for the overall solar network using Axitec’s solar panels (known for their long lifespan and durability). Hyperion is installing 6,000 solar panels on roofs across five buildings and is managing all logistics, including liaising  between the local government and public utilities sector. For many companies, like Safe Harbor, Hyperion is the nimble full-service partner that manages everything from financial forecasting to design to engineering to partner management to permitting and design to install. 

Results: Over the next five years, Safe Harbor is forecasted to save (enter rough $ estimate) in energy costs and in federal and state benefits – dramatically decreasing operating expenses. Also, because Hyperion’s team manages all project elements of commercial solar panel installation soup to nuts, Safe Harbor is able to make a major overhaul of its primary energy source without having to commit its internal team to tons of time managing the project’s logistics.