Improving Communication

With Hyperion on your side, cellular and wireless pain points are a thing of the past. Whether static or on the go, we has the solutions to make sure you’re always connected.

In-building Wired/Wireless

Radio, internet, and cellular, we can use or upgrade your existing communications network or install a new system in your building. Our scalable and highly adaptable model of network design to cover every corner of any building or campus.

Remote Wired/Wireless

When work needs to get done, clear and reliable communication is as important in remote locations as it is anywhere else. Hyperion can install multiple communications networks in your project location(s) for emergencies, reporting, and sharing/managing information across the site.

In-vehicle Wireless

In this day and age, communication is productivity, and we at Hyperion see no reason why your productivity needs to be stalled while you’re on the move. By land and by water, we offer comprehensive communications solutions to keep you talking in your car and on your boat using the trusted Nextivity mobile and nautical cellular and internet communications solutions.


2014-2019 – NCTS, Naples Italy – Assisted the Navy with engineering and design for the upgrading of the current End of Life ACD systems as well as the normal day to day operation and maintenance required for a complex voice communications system.


2010-2011 Kandahar AB, Afghanistan – Deployment of new communications infrastructure in an active war zone. Included a new Manhole Duct System, building and outfitting two Area Distribution Nodes, installing a complete Fiber and Copper backbone, and the connection of 45 end user buildings to the new network. 


2021 – Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado – Design a solution to enhance AT&T and Verizon cellular signal on the first floor, with a subsequent request to enhance signal coverage on the second and third floors. Challenge Like many schools and universities, the Colorado School of…

Hyperion is your partner. We know that when your security infrastructure fails your mission suffers.


Our lead engineers will personally visit your site to perform an efficient and thorough survey of your communications needs, determining proper antenna placement, outdoor conduits, lengths and paths of cables, and any support systems needed.


We work quickly and efficiently to get your network up and running, actively testing functionality and coverage during and after installation. Once we have left the site, we can remotely monitor your system top provide next day support, both remotely and in person, for any needed tuning.


Certified Installers for many of the products we use, we can fulfill the warranty’s and provide support for our partner’s products directly. Additionally, we can offer remote monitoring, recommendations for when a replacement or repair may need to occur, and the cost of parts and labor for replacing or repairing parts of your system.

Communications Partners

Our clients stick with us for the long haul. What might start off as a solar-infrastructure project evolves into full-service support with a security program and more.

Let’s get started.

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