Let us walk you through our catalog of energy-saving options that can take you anywhere from peak-usage shaving to full grid independence.

Diverse Energy Systems

There is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to supplying the power your business needs to succeed, which is why Hyperion specializes not just in installing energy systems but customizing and interweaving them to fit your exact needs. We can design and install PV (ground, building, and infrastructure mounted), LED Lighting, EV Charging Stations, and more to keep your business running strong.


Efficiency is what we strive for, so whether you want to reduce your building’s energy costs or your carbon footprint, Hyperion can ensure your energy system is clean and streamlined. Our expert knowledge about Federal and State incentives helps us create a solution that won’t break the bank and will maximize the value of your energy investment

Smart and Affordable

Understanding that everyone should have access to quality energy equipment, Hyperion offers excellent financing options through our strong partnerships with industry leading equipment providers. We also offer legal consultation to help you ensure that your new energy system meets all Federal and State requirements for whatever industry you happen to be in.

Uvalde Fish Hatchery

Albuquerque, NM. Hyperion installed 26 new 385 Watt Axitec modules for multiple 10kW system segments on the South facing slope of the National Fish Hatchery building roof and the routed all cable connections to a new panel EP-Solar and to the existing service panel.

USACE Hidden Dam

Hidden Dam, Lake Hensley. Raymond, California. Our team designed and installed a Renewable energy system consisting of a 48.5 kW DC solar generation project for the USACE Sacramento California District.

Bosque Del Apache Fish Hatchery

Bosque Del Apache Fish Hatchery, NM. Hyperion was responsible for the design and installation of a 16.4 kW DC Renewable energy system and solar generation project for the US Department of Interior.

USCG LED Lighting Retrofit

Hyperion replaced 50 1000-Watt HIS fixtures with the equivalent LED fixtures in addition to adjusting day lighting sensors. Hyperion also installed a light tunnel for drop ceilings and replaced light switches with occupancy sensors

CNS – Solar Lighting

Canaveral National Seashore – Hyperion provided replaced the solar lighting system, including existing lights, solar panels, and batteries using Solar Electric Power Company (SEPCO) equipment. Hyperion managed all aspects of the replacement, including labor, supervision, materials, tools, equipment, supplies, transportation, and all necessary incidentals.

SJP Exterior LED Retrofit

St. Johns Properties – Hyperion, in one of several projects with St. John’s Properties, installed 134 wall pack lights with LED retrofits at Ashburn Technology Park. Hyperion removed and disposed of the existing outside wall packs and replaced them with St. John Properties specified light fixture.

Deuterium Piping Installation

Hyperion fabricated and installed 250-feet of warm deuterium gas piping and accompanying infrastructure to provide connection between an outdoor 16 m3 warm deuterium ballast tank and an existing section of warm gas piping inside the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR). The deuterium piping was surrounded by a helium-filled jacket to prevent undetected air from entering the deuterium system and contain any adverse deuterium-oxygen events.

Hyperion is your partner. We know that when your security infrastructure fails your mission suffers.


Expert assessments of your building or project site allow Hyperion to quickly identify problem areas and craft solutions. We aim to tailor your energy system to alleviate spending and worry, saving you time and money at home or business.

Engineering / Planning

We will work with you to navigate the winding system of state/federal programs, legal, and creditors to help you develop and implement a solution that maximizes your investment and helps you achieve your ROI as quickly as possible.


We understand that your energy system needs to be done right and it needs to be done right now. This is why Hyperion has more than 60 professional electricians and data technicians, with licenses and certifications that cover nearly every state, to execute your project in a way that meets state standards and exceeds your own.

Energy Partners

Our clients stick with us for the long haul. What might start off as a solar-infrastructure project evolves into full-service support with a security program and more.

Let’s get started.

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