CSM McNeill Hall DAS Installation

McNeil Hall, located at 1400 Maple St., Golden, CO, is the new headquarters for Public Safety on the campus of Colorado School of Mines. Hyperion was tasked by Jeff Culligan, Telecommunications Manager, to propose a solution to enhance AT&T and Verizon cellular signal on the first floor, with a subsequent request to enhance signal coverage on the second and third floors. Through our survey and subsequent analysis, we determined that Hyperion, with the Nextivity Quatra 2000 system, will be able to propagate the cellular signal throughout the required area. Hyperion additionally recommends the Quatra 2000 and Quatra 1000, in parallel, to enhance the Verizon, AT&T (QUATRA 2000), and T-Mobile (QUATRA 1000) cellular signals on the second and third floors.