Our security solutions allow you to keep an eye in the sky on your operations from anywhere in the world.

Remotely accessible, cloud-based storage

Your space is only as secure as your data, which is why we make sure that our security systems store footage and other information off-site in the cloud. This not only ensures that your data can’t be tampered with, it also allows you to securely access it from anywhere, helping you know the moment something has gone wrong.

Range of hardware suited for any environment

Hyperion has you covered, wherever you are. We are prepped with cameras that can cover indoor and outdoor spaces as well as cameras that can cover direct view, wide view, fisheye, and 360 views to cover as many angles as efficiently as possible.

Combination of Hardware for remote options

Our security installation teams are able to work hand in hand with our communications and energy divisions, allowing us to further adapt our Verkada systems to varying needs. Whether that involves sustainably powered security hardware, remote communications networks for your cameras to run on, or other creative solutions to meet your unique security needs.

St. John Properties

For the Saint John Properties, Hyperion planned two camera systems. Worked into the design of the property, these systems were set up with License Plate Recognition and associated cameras to track the comings and goings of their property.

Somerset Apartments

In Somerset, North Carolina, Hyperion aided Federal Capital partners by designing and installing stand-alone camera systems at an apartment complex. With no direct ISP access, we had to set up a cellular connection for the camera system in order to connect it to the internet.

Our Lady of Hope Parish Security

Using the survey data and design plans from a third party, we used cameras and motion sensors to cover the entrances and exits and other important points in the Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church in Stirling, Virginia. After performing this work, Hyperion was invited back to do similar work on the accompanying school.

Westminster Police Department

Hyperion has installed Verkada security systems for the Westminster Police Department, utilizing the Verkada Command, allowing for multiple angles, facial recognition, and LRP (License Plate Readers). Team Hyperion worked in areas such as parking garages, playgrounds, and community buildings.

City of Westminster, MD

Hyperion continues their partnership with the city of Westminster. Alongside their work with the Westminster Police Department, Hyperion also installed Verkada security systems at additional locations, including the city’s Water Treatment Plant. 

Kadena AFB

Hyperion, in partnership with Saena Tech, has been contracted to upgrade the CCTV systems, for seven dorms on Kadena Air Base using existing conduits, pathways, and penetration points. The upgrade includes a total of 27 fixed dome cameras inside each building, five bullet type exterior cameras, two 4TB HDD, Cabinets to accommodate the CCTV equipment, and one pendant mounted Pan-Tilt-Zoom pointed in the direction the trash/refuse area. All cameras will provide a full 360-degree view of the building and its parking lots.

Hyperion is your partner. We know that when your security infrastructure fails your mission suffers.


Security is useless if it’s not thorough. That is why we perform in-depth site surveys across the entire area that you want to protect to make sure that we’ve got our clients covered from every angle. We pay extra attention to access points and any specific pain points our clients indicate to give peace of mind about even the most vulnerable spots in a facility.


Standardized solutions are rare when it comes to addressing security needs. This is why Hyperion’s security specialists will tailor solutions to your particular needs using a wide array of camera, communications, and energy systems for full coverage and visibility.


Our field crews have more than three decades worth of global operations experience offering mobile, agile, and low-maintenance teams who can accomplish any job anywhere, performing all of our infrastructure work to BICSI Standards.

Security Partners

Our clients stick with us for the long haul. What might start off as a solar-infrastructure project evolves into full-service support with a security program and more.

Let’s get started.

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