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SBA-Certified Small Business
Licensed Virginia Class A Contractor

Hyperion is…

Hyperion, Inc. is a small business IT solutions provider with a worldwide footprint headquartered in Reston, VA.  Since 1991, Hyperion has provided engineering and technical services, designing, acquiring, integrating, delivering, installing, operating and maintaining mission critical IT network systems for Government and Industry. We have deployed technical teams to Engineer, Furnish, Install and Test (EFI&T) network systems throughout the 50 United States Europe, South West Asia, The Pacific Rim and North Africa.  

A Rich Corporate History

Corporate Timeline

Transformation and New Beginnings

Throughout the 2010s, we expanded our personnel to include Geotechnical and Electrical Engineers, rapidly diversifying our offerings catalog. Despite foundational leadership changes, we continue to serve our clients with the reliability and record of outstanding results laid down by those who came before us.

Useful in three ways.

Project to Project

Interested in learning about how well your infrastructure is working? Want to make it better? Need a crew to fill in last minute? Project behind schedule? We’ve got you covered in 50 states, Europe, and Asia.

Program Management

Have a long-term, multiphase program with hundreds of moving parts on a tight budget? Need extra back office support to ensure your margins stay on target? We’ve staffed up to 100 people at a time on a number of complex programs, including installations, SETA support, and Cybersecurity.

Small & Large Business Support

Sometimes, you don’t need a battleship. Sometimes, all you need is a zodiac. Every business has its needs. As a small business with our experience, Hyperion often presents the best value to our customers by providing the reach of large business, with the nimble agility of a small.

Expert Partnership Network

Our clients stick with us for the long haul. What might start off as a solar-infrastructure project evolves into full-service support with a security program and more.

Let’s get started.

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