Hyperion is lead by a winning combination of highly specialized, yet ranged personnel. We work closely in tandem to ensure not only the quality of Hyperion’s results, but the professional advancement and well being of our staff.

Our Leaders

Scott Milo


Mr. Milo holds a BS in Geological Sciences from the University of Alabama, an MS in Geological Engineering from the University of Mississippi, and serves as the President of Hyperion, Inc. As the son of Hyperion Founder, Paul Milo, Scott spent most of his formative years in and out of the Hyperion office. From the age of 12, he accompanied his father around the World on work-related trips and has served in official capacity as an Office Assistant, Site Technician, Site Lead, Draftsman, Project/Program Manager, Managing Director, Director of Business Development, and Vice President, giving him an in-depth understanding of each and every aspect of his company. In his spare time, Scott continues to educate through the University of Mississippi’s Department of Geology and Geological Engineering as an Adjunct Instructor of Field Methodology.

David Ruesch

Vice President

Mr. Ruesch joined Hyperion in the early years, starting as a program manager in 1996, and now serves as Vice President of Hyperion, Inc. Mr. Ruesch was also the Managing Director of Hyperion’s subsidiary, Scientific & Biomedical Microsystems (SBM). Other titles Mr. Ruesch has held include Director of Business Development, General Manager of the Special Projects Division, and Director of Business Administration. Mr. Ruesch helps to guide Hyperion forward, gifting the company his decades of experience and expertise.

Mathew Stockner

Corporate Counsel/Director – Administration

Mr. Stockner has been with Hyperion since 2022, beginning as Director of Administration before adding Corporate Counsel to his title following admission to the Virginia State Bar. Prior to joining Team Hyperion, Mr. Stocker earned his J.D. from William and Mary Law School and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Dakota. Mr. Stockner previously held positions with NetApp, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia and the Executive Office of the President at the White House.

Clark Daly

Federal Operations Manager

Mr. Daly has been with Hyperion since 2007 and specializes in managing complicated, high-value, and far-reaching programs such as the CARTS Program, which has 207 locations around the globe. Mr. Daly has been involved with projects from inception through completion; he has assisted with installation, repairs, and demonstrations for clients, in addition to managing permits, large-scale materials, and necessary subcontractor labor. In addition to these management skills, Mr. Daly is also versatile in moving between various types of projects, including IT devices, electrical cabling, and Solar Panels.

Can Ly


Mr. Ly serves as the Senior Accountant for Hyperion, Inc., having previously held the position of Accounts Receivable and Payroll Specialist. Mr. Ly is instrumental in managing Hyperion’s growth and finances as the company evolves and grows. His accomplishments include leading the 2021 financial audit for HIH and its subsidiaries, restructuring chart of accounts for streamlined financial reporting, and assisting in the implementation of Accrualify. 

Brandon Pledger

Project Manager

Mr. Pledger is a 6-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, deploying to Al Taqaddum in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007.  He earned his Bachelor of Communications from The University of Alabama in 2011 and his MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2015. Mr. Pledger has a wealth of experience that he brings to Hyperion, which includes 15 years of project management principles exemplified managing the deployment of hardware and software in multiple countries, leading the training & development program for a USMC program, logistics planning & management, as well as supporting clients with various hardware and software solutions.

Our Founders

On May 1st, 1991, Paul Milo Jr. and George Tyson set out to create a company that would deliver superior systems engineering solutions to the rapidly expanding IT needs of the late 20th century. This “two-man operation in a one-man office” in Northern Virginia quickly evolved into a vibrant company with a globally enviable reputation as a worldwide provider of reliable, yet low cost, high-yield solutions. From that one room came a company that meets clients wherever and whenever clients need them; that is Hyperion.

For over three decades, Paul and George trekked around the globe to make Hyperion what it is today. From the frozen Aleutian Islands, to the arid deserts of the Middle East, to the bustling metropolises of Europe, and to the islands of Hawaii and Okinawa, Paul and George made a name for themselves in the hyper-competitive business corridor of the Washington D.C. Metro Area.

The name Hyperion comes from the Greek Titan of the same name who represents light, wisdom, and watchfulness. At Hyperion Inc., those values are our mission statement. We light the path forward, guided by the wisdom of those who’ve come before us, with watchfulness toward the future. Although we are living in a time of uncertainty, we are undaunted and confident in these principles. Hyperion continues to grow and thrive, despite all odds, because of the people who work tirelessly to provide our clients the quality of care and work with these values as our backbone.

As the Greek Proverb goes, “a society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” Paul and George lived this mantra, as do those of us who continue their vision.

“…To the end, to the end, they remain” – Laurence Binyon

Paul Milo, Jr. (1950 – 2023)

Founder and CEO

George Tyson (1943 – 2016)

Founder and CFO

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